Psychotherapy (In-Person/Virtual) 50 min

Life Coaching (In-Person/Virtual) 50 min

Resource and Referral consultation and Assessment for seniors and/or individuals with disabilities (In-Person/Virtual) 1-2 Hours

Clinical supervision for bbs interns 1-2 hours


Our fee per session is $150.


We currently only accept Medicare, Part B.

*Under certain circumstances, we will offer a sliding scale of $50-$100 per session. 


I’ve known Christina for over 15 years and recently sought out her advice/expertise on a major life and career change. When I explained to Christina how I felt stuck in a job that didn’t satiate my soul to fulfill my life’s purpose, her mentorship greatly impacted my decision to apply to graduate school programs to earn my Master of Social Work. Her sound guidance and pointed questions about my goals ambitions led me to discover which kind of program would best suit my interests, as well as which steps I needed to take in order to accomplish these goals. Christina laid out a step by step process for me (GRE test, application essays, letters of recommendation, and more), which made a huge impact in my application process and time management. Christina’s guidance and suggestions truly made a major difference in the quality of my applications, as well as in the passion. Christina’s ability to quickly empathize with others and recognize the areas of opportunity - whether in an essay or in a life situation - enable her to methodically guide and empower others to shine their brightest light. Christina allows others to be themselves, while subtly offering alternative options for growth and self-evolvement. I would highly recommend Christina as a Life Coach, Mentor and/or Therapist. Her heart is pure; her mind is brilliant; and her passion to help others is genuine.
— Katy K.

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